DNS today

Den Nationale Scene today has an ensemble of 40 actors. Stage decorations, scenery and costumes are created by the theatre's own metal shop, dressmaker-shop, props-department, carpentry-shop, paint shop and papering-shop.

Den Nationale Scene has always occupied a position of high visibility in the Norwegian theatre. A "golden age of the theatre" many call attention to also today is the 1930's, when Hans-Jakob Nilsen was the theatre director. Many of the leading actors of Norway stepped into the limelight for the first time under his leadership. Premiere productions of among others, Nordahl Griegs best dramas were the talk of the town and a sensation in the theatre world. But this was all in keeping with the theatre's long traditions, a theatre where Ibsen and Bjørnson learned their craft, and where Holberg had his ties to Norway. Den Nationale Scene was also the only Norwegian theatre that escaped nazification during World War II.

Den Nationale Scene of today is a completely modern theatre. It is continually at work to refine its technical abilities and artistic ensemble, and lay the foundations for daring, new performances of international format.

Den Nationale Scene is also well known for its strong commitment to children's theatre. Every autumn, the repertoire includes at least one major play for children in addition to the touring theatre programs for the schools and institutions.

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